Forum Rules
Failure to comply to these rules may result in loss of privileges and a suspension from 8BitF0x's Den.
Please make sure you comprehend the rules fully before using the website.

1. Treat all other users with respect.
This includes constantly harassing the same person, discriminating against others because of stereotypes, and/or using racist, sexist, etc. slurs.

2. No inappropriate content.
This includes any type of disturbing or arousing material. Such as porn, gore, nudes, graphic images, seizure inducing content, and/or illegal topics.

3. Do not spam.
This includes posting irellevant/off-topic posts, gravedigging, mass tagging, and/or unnecessarily bumping a thread multiple times. (Gravedigging is when you unnecessarily revive an old, irrelevant thread.)

4. Do not abuse loopholes.
A loophole is abusing an ambiguous or unspoken rule to your advantage in order to get away with breaking a rule. Abusing a loophole will get you three times the punishment of a normal rule break. This also includes punishment evasion.

5. Do not advertise other servers, networks, and/or communities.
This rule is self-explanatory. Do not provide links to other servers, networks, or communities that are not affiliated with MATTgameWorld. You are allowed to discuss other communities, however.

6. Do not use alternate accounts.
Alternate accounts can be used to evade punishments, which is against the rules. If you are caught using an alternate account, it will be permanently banned and your main account will be severely punished.

7. Your Username must be reasonable.
A username must consist of at least 3 English characters, follow all other rules, and have no symbols. The only allowed symbols are _ . , -


1. Discord's Terms of Service Applies Here.

2. No Inappropriate Content.
This means pictures and links

3. Harassment will not be tolerated here.
No means no

4. Please post messages in the correct channels.
Post memes at #memes, commands at #bot-commands, and Music Request at #music

5. Racism, Sexism, and slurs towards others is not allowed.
nigga pls

6. Please don't loophole our rules.
This includes Ban Evasion.

7. If you have a problem with any one in the server, please DM me or any of the staff member and we'll try to resolve this.

8. Please don't play loud ass noises and racists songs in the Music Voice Chat.
Also let's keep the music requesting to actual music and not just videos

9. Joke nicknames are fine, just make sure it's not racist or harassing towards people.

10. No spamming allowed.
This includes Mic Spam

11. Don't tag @Staff if you don't need them.
This also includes other player

12. No advertising outside #self-promotions Keep your YouTube, Twitch, etc. promotions there

13. These rules apply with custom statuses as well, don't advertise in your custom status.

Discord's Terms of Service:

February 22, 2020
  • Minecraft
    • Removed Minecraft rules.
  • Discord
    • Added rule 12 and 13.
July 10, 2019
  • Minecraft
    • Added exploiting to the rules.
June 20, 2019
  • All the rules will be displayed on this page and change logs will now show which category changed.
  • Minecraft:
    • Removed the link to the Discord rules.
    • Moved the rules to "Rules Page".
  • Forums:
    • Replaced title text from "MATTgameWorld" to "8BitF0x's Den"
    • Moved the rules to "Rules Page".
  • Discord:
    • Moved the rules to "Rules Page".
May 15, 2019
  • Changed the title of Rule 7.
  • Added bullet point 5 on Rule 6.
  • Removed a bit of text in bullet point 2 on Rule 4.
  • Added bullet point 3 on Rule 3
May 26, 2019
  • Added Exploits in Rule 5
May 25, 2019
  • Added clarification of Loopholing in Rule 4
May 24, 2019
  • Added Rule 6: Factions